Since 1992, a large number of private and public equity sources have been involved in each of our projects and many of these highly successful relationships are now approaching 25 years in length. It is believed the strength and length of these relationships rests in the alignment of our interests with those of the equity investors; alignment because we invest alongside equity partners under the exact same terms and conditions.

The principals invest

a minimum of 10% of the equity on the same terms and conditions as all other equity investors.

The principals are solely

responsible for any debt placed on the properties.

The Partnership or LLCs

have no capital call requirements outside the initial investment (unless staggered and detailed in the offering); any necessary additional capital is raised initially or provided later by the principals.

All Partnerships or LLCs

have a "Look Back Formula" which guarantees a minimum annualized return (IRR), currently (15%) percent, to the equity investors.

For existing improved properties,

the profits participation is 25%.

For raw land investments,

the profits participation is 35%.

For development projects,

the profits participation is 45%.