Since 1992, a large number of private and public equity sources have been involved in each of our projects and many of these highly successful relationships are now approaching 25 years in length. It is believed the strength and length of these relationships rests in the alignment of our interests; alignment because we invest alongside our equity partners under the exact same terms and conditions.

Why invest with Baccus Capital Investments?

Since 1992, Baccus Capital Investments has tracked the performance of each and every property bought and sold. After disposition, an Internal Rate of Return is calculated (IRR) and key features such as the size of the equity raise, additional equity (if any), gain from cash flow, gain from sale and the investment horizon are captured. Aside from a time-tested performance that is not easily matched within the industry, Baccus Capital Investments offers deal structures with built-in protections for equity partners. These variables combine to create an overall structure that is not widely available in the marketplace.

What are the options for investment with Baccus Capital Investments?

Baccus Capital Investments offers the opportunity for accredited investors to invest in traditional equity investments in real estate via single-asset Limited Liability Corporations, Limited Partnerships or First Lien Loans for our projects.

With regard to First Lien Loans, Baccus Capital Investments has found that many investors remain tentative in today’s market following the financial collapse of 2008. And although investing for current return has proven to be quite challenging, a large number of equity investors have yet to re-enter the market for equity investments in real estate. In response to the drive to create return, Baccus Capital Investments has, in several instances, created very attractive, low leverage first lien loans (LTV of less than 50%) that allow investors to earn more attractive returns (on par with Bank or Life Company financing) in a position that is relatively secure based on the low Loan-to-Value and the significant amount of hard equity in place.

Additional details are available upon request.